Top 10 Best Soup Makers 2019 – UK Home Soup Maker Review

Welcome to Best Soup Makers, where you’ll get everything about soup makers, soup maker brands, soup makers review, which are the best soup makers 2019, and many more about soup maker machine. Below, you’ll find our favourite models of soup maker, reviews of leading soup makers of UK; the readers will get information related to the impressive machines for the global soup lovers.

In this article, the readers will get unobstructed views about the best soup maker; these machines are even referred to as soup machines, mixers or cookers. The readers will also gain knowledge about the reasons behind their being so expensive. The article has provided FAQs and crucial information so that buyers can spontaneously select among the full range of models.

Best Soup Makers 2019

The leading and latest soup-making machines are being presented here. The machines have been positioned according to their monetary value so that buyers can compare and select their machine, which will help them gain the maximum benefit at minimum expense. The price range available at Amazon accompanies each model. Hence, the buyers/readers can check for the deals and sales provided on these soup-making cookers and do not miss out on the currently available offers.

Top 3 Best Soup Maker : Our Picks

  1. Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker
  2. Tefal BL841140 Soup Maker
  3. VonShef 800W Soup Maker

Best Soup Maker Review

The readers must have gone through the above recommendations, and even if they are interested in reading this article, they probably desire some more information. As the soup making machines are a new product in the UK kitchens and have become quite popular in recent years.  Hence extra curiosity on the reader’s part is quite understandable.

Hence a mini-review about the leading models of soup makers is provided underneath. This will help the reader gain more information about their favourite model. Those who require minute details; the detailed review provided below will help them acknowledge the more excellent features of the selected products.

#1. Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker

This is the favourite soup maker of the entire lot; this model is famous because it offers many more features at a meagre price. Maybe it is not the cheapest of all the machines, but it possesses alluring features which deliver utmost performance at half the value compared to other soup makers discussed herein.

Like every other kitchen appliance, namely toasters, kettles and steamers buyers are tempted to buy the cheapest product which can fulfil their purpose. The kettle will always remain kettle, and there are several options of making hot water, but the main point of argument, in this case, is the structure and function of the appliance and the longevity of the product. Same holds in case of soup makers.

While there is cheap soup making the machine available in the price range of 30-50 pounds, the buyers need to compromise with the quality of the product. Many people opt for soup making as a healthy option for another food item so that they can enjoy more exciting dishes like bread and ham slice for their lunch. When the soup is of degraded quality, people tend to lack the desire to consuming fresh soup.

Hence when discussed the other way round the reason behind the price hike and the following top position of this model in the UK market. Although the machine is expensive, its performance is mediocre, but both fresh customers and those exploring to replace their current device will earn profits from this product. If buyers are not acquainted with this product, they can glance at the reviews since although the products have virtually the same functionalities, they differ in their level of performance. All the ingredients required for making soup are placed in the specific counter; particular options from the automated program settings like smooth/chunky soup and apt temperature should be adjusted.

This model offers four coarseness levels along with the two commonly used ones; thus, it has juicing, blending, smooth, chunky setting. Soups in this machine can be prepared in twenty minutes, and if the lid is kept closed, the soup can remain at a desirable temperature for another fifteen minutes. This soup machine is accompanied by a two-year warranty from the registration date, and the company is responsible for taking care of the product for a specific period after purchase.

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#2. Tefal BL841140 Soup Maker

Next in the row is the soup machine from Tefal; when the customers will view its external appearance, they can get deceived by its look. The main feature of this model, which is lacking in other soup-making machines is its ‘keeping warm’ feature. With this feature, the device can keep the soup warm for nearly two hours after preparing it and thus serving can be delayed if the need arises. This product is extremely beneficial for families who have small kids that need unexpected attention. Since the majority of the soup making machines take more than thirty minutes to finish their preparation cycle; some people have difficulty calculating the consumption time.

This model comprises four programs, each structured for a minutely different purpose:

  • Smooth soup having a creamy texture
  • Chunky soup with pieces
  • Compote
  • Blend

It also has controls which help in cleaning and keeping the soup warm. As regards the size of the machine, it is of the size of the electric kettle; hence, it can be placed comfortably on the kitchen worktop area and thus preventing disturbance of vital space in the room. Therefore the kitchen which already has several gadgets or where there is constrained space; this model proves its worth in these families. The design of this soup maker is similar to the products of the company; hence if the kitchen already boasts of a Tefal kettle; buying this product will help in enhancing the interiors of the kitchen.

This model has a blending feature, which is an essential quality of the product. The recipe and instruction book will heighten the buyer’s ideas and help them to explore new ingredients and recipes. If the buyers feel confident with this product, they can experiment with the various smoothies and shakes discussed in the recipe book.

Check Tefal BL841140 Review

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#3. VonShef 800W Soup Maker

This soup maker has premium quality and can be bought at an extremely reasonable price. While conducting a review, this model is the cheapest in the entire list of ten soup makers being discussed in this review. This model even boasts of higher capacity, which implies soups can be prepared at a larger scale in every cycle.

The model has a program of 25 minutes, and so the machine can quickly chop the vegetables and prepare soup according to the likings of the master, whether it is a chunky soup or a smooth soup.

The model has a capacity of 1.6 litres, and so it can efficiently serve six people at a time or be sufficient for four people that desire a generous quantity of soup.

This soup maker keeps soup warmer for more extended periods in comparison to other soup-making machines. People can enjoy soup from this machine even after thirty minutes from preparation time. This machine is friendly to the buyer’s pocket, but it lacks some specific features which are present in other soup makers. Some of these are reheating function and the option of extended blending. The ingredients can be pulse blended, but it is different from the extended mixture.

The most critical factor for people buying soup-making machines is that they are aware of the products they are consuming. Some people like processed, canned soup but preparing soups of one’s own choice and liking is quite alluring. People can add ingredients of their love and make healthy and pure soup; they can even avoid the components which they dislike.

However, people can take some time to get accustomed to the taste of the homemade soup. But this model will enable people to prepare healthy and tasty lunch with least investment.

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#4. Morphy Richards 501016 Soup Maker

Just as the above model 48822, model 501016, both from Morphy Richards; is also famous and displays superb performance. This model also has a capacity of 1600 ml like the above two models, namely the one from Morphy Richards and the other from Vonshef. Hence six servings or four generous servings of soup can quickly be delivered at a time.

This model also possesses the essential functions of chunky and smooth soup along with juice and blending functions; these are, however lacking in the Vonshef model.

Some of the extra features present in this model include a timer which can help the master remain informed about the span in which the soup will be ready to be served (this should be considered as an estimate and not an exact timer).  The unit can be easily cleaned as compared to other soup makers, which sometimes become messy with ingredients getting stuck or getting burnt. If the master is of the habit cleaning after every use then only rinsing and wiping with a piece of cloth followed by rinsing for the second time can help the soup maker remain squeaky clean.

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#5. Hairy Bikers Soup Maker

The hairy bikers branded soup maker is a product that is popular due to its endorsement by celebrities. This product gets the celebrity treatment due to the heroes getting massive sponsorship paycheques. The hairy biker soup maker is not at all in competition to the models of Morphy Richards or Tefal. This soup maker comes with a cleaning brush in the box.

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#6. Morphy Richards 501014 Soup Maker

By the design and the outfit, it looks similar to the other Morphy Richard products within this price range. Though this product comes with a few vital differences. This product ranks lower than other products discussed above.

The most significant advantage of this model is that it is a soup maker along with a saute maker. In these type of models, the base of the chamber inside is capable of heating up, so that the ingredients could be cooked before preparing the soup. This feature exposes the making of various soups, allowing ingredients like bacon without the necessity of pre-cooking it on the grill or the hob. In a standard quality soup-maker, it is not safe to use uncooked meat as the temperature there won’t be heated enough to prepare it thoroughly.

Another minute but the crucial feature of this model is that it provides the user with programming for pausing in the mid-way. This feature helps in the addition of extra ingredients or flavours in-between, without starting the whole cooking cycle from the beginning. The Morphy Richards 501014 Soup Maker is the best choice as a soup-maker for people who love meaty soups.

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#7. Cooks Professional Soup Maker

This professional soup maker comes into the tight budget of users giving standard quality output.  It can be considered as of the quality of VonShelf products.

It has less feature with the primary function of holding lower than average twelve hundred mili-litre capacity of soup. This system is capable of handling smoothies and shakes and competes with any standard soup machine of modern times.

The Cooks Professional Soup Maker comes handy with a complete recipe book helping the user to try innovations to their daily platter.

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#8. VonShelf Multifunctional Soup Maker

Like every other VonShelf product for soup-making, this machine also provides exceptional worthiness. It is a combination of both a blender and soup-maker and is necessarily fruitful to those who do have a tight budget or a less spacious kitchen.

If the user is on a tight budget, then the VonShelf Multifunctional Soup Maker is an excellent choice than nothing. This soup-maker blends and makes the tastiest of soup, worthy for the price. It has a disadvantage that it is comparatively flimsy inbuilt.

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#9. BERG 1350W Soup Maker

The BERG sup-maker won’t be the first choice of soup-maker suggested by professionals. It is relatively unpopular in the market but is appealing and looks classy in the kitchen. If the user is fanatic about well-furnished kitchen gadgets, then they might opt for this model. Though this 1350W soup-maker by BERG is few steps backward than any other high ranging soup-maker.

Like the VonShelf soup-maker discussed just above, this soup-maker is all multifunctional and manages the work in combination much better than VonShelf. The BERG soup-maker is capable of making both smooth as well as crunchy soups. It is a versatile multi-speed blender and has a heating mode for just heating the soup. This heating mode is a lacking feature in other soup-makers.

BERG 1350W soup-maker is not ranking higher on the list of soup-makers, as it is a way more pricey than a user would want to spend on a soup-maker. It has a retail worth of 189 pounds though the price of this model fluctuates from time-to-time.

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#10. Morphy Richards 501020 Soup Maker

If considered among the top ten soup-makers then like BERG, this model by Morphy Richards is one of the expensive among the niche. But, this model does include much of information for amateur users, unlike other listed models.

This is the perfect sort of model for those users who are less confident in preparing meals for themselves or others. It is carefully designed to minimize the quantity of waste. It helps the user in making the correct amount of soup if the number of people having the soup is known.

The cleaning feature in this soup-maker is simple too. One can use soapy water, and the machine has its cleaning functionality of heavy lifting and removal of the debris.

The control panel of Morphy Richards 501020 Soup Maker looks more complicated than any other soup-maker, even comparing from the same brand. But if the user gets accustomed to it, then it seems featured with a ‘one-touch operation’.

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Buying Guide to the Best Soup Maker

Why should one get a Soup Maker?

Soup seems simple to make, but once someone get down to making one, it turns out to be a tedious job. A soup maker gives user the convenience of skipping many steps in soup making. Here are the few reasons:

This Saves time and space

Using a soup maker saves a lot of time. It takes twenty minutes to get thefavourite healthy soup ready. It’s also a nifty contraption that will hardly take up space.

A healthier option and a tasty meal

It’s not like one of those foods packed in a can, and stuffed with preservatives and additives. One getsthemselves a serving of healthy nutrients stirred from the ingredients they choose.

Simple but versatile

All a user need to do is to press a button. Soup makers can cook and blend the soup to a smooth continuity. Some models also sauté the dish before cooking and blending. Rather, one can also choose to make it chunky or even opt for a milkshake or fruit smoothie with a soup-maker.

Types of Soup Maker

These are the two main types of soup-makers. As their names suggest, one resembles a kettle and the second one a blender. Kettle soup makers are more famous than blender soup makers because they are cheaper in price.

Kettle vs. Blender Style

Kettle Soup Makers

Soup-making kettles such as the Morphy Richards offer users the option to sauté and soup their food. They have a fixed minimum and maximum to ensure the user that they don’t squeeze in too much of ingredients which will compromise the souping.

Kettle soup makers are made up of metal exteriors, so one will not be able to see how the soup is cooking. The kettle jug includes blending blades and a heating metal at the base which will prepare soup within 20-30 minutes.

These soup makers also allows the user to make smooth or chunky soups. In addition they can create fruit juices and cold smoothies, using the cold blending function.

Blender Soup Makers

The blender soup maker nearly has the same programs as a daily-useblender, only that it is larger in size and it has a heating element at the base to cook the soup. They have a plastic or glass jug allowing the user to see the ingredients while cooking.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Best Soup Maker

Ease of Cleaning

Some people have the notion that a blender takes longer to get clean than a kettle. But the concept is to look for a soup-maker that is as easy to use as it is easy to get cleaned. Some models have non-stick coats while others hold dishwasher protective parts. These features can reduce the cleaning time significantly.

Number of people to serve

If the useris of the idea of picking one for only one individual, then the 0.8L capacity will be a good pick.But, it will be barely enough for a family of six members. In this case, one can go for the one with a 2-liter capacity to avoid going back to the kitchen for cooking twice.


Ideally, users should set up their gadgets fast and easy. There’s no greatness in fiddling with the lid when the soup is hot and ready to be served.

How important is the sauté feature?

Some soup makers have a hot plate where the user can fry ingredients lightly. This feature gives the soup a flavoured taste.

Texture Options

The blending function allows one to choose the continuity of their soup. It can be smooth, chunky, or in-between the two.

Interrupting Feature

If the user tend to forget some ingredients, and want to add them during the cooking process. A soup-maker with an interrupt feature in their program cycle allows to pause the cooking process and add spices midway into the cooking.

How much do Soup Makers Cost?

The number of functions in the soup-maker usually decides the price. Users can expect to spend anywhere from 40 to140 pounds. This price range covers the basic soup-makers whose primary reason is to make soup.Others have more features like cold blending and sautéing which are of a higher price range.

Best Soup Maker Brands

There are certain brands from the United Kingdom that will be available on the internet from time-to-time. If the user is looking for some unusual manufacturer, then there are a more extensive range of soup-maker brands listed below:

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards has a variety of soup-maker made ranging from the budget models like the 48822 soup-maker to the more adventurous soup-makers like the famous 501014 soup-maker and saute-maker in combination.


Tefal is another famous brand for making functional kitchen appliances. It is acknowledged for making better qualities of saucepans and frying pans. Tefal has also manufactured a strong soup-maker, which is the BL841140. This brand did not produce a variety of range of soup makers, but has a good look and looks better if the user has other Tefal products in the kitchen.


This brand is not very popular as a soup-maker but is worth mentioning because of its low-pricing strategy. The best soup-maker from this brand is the model 800W. This product is best suited for people with a low budget and still aiming to modify the range of gadgets in their kitchen.


Already popular in the US kitchen market, Breville soup-maker is also gaining popularity in other parts of the world. This brand is famous for various range of kitchen appliances, ranging from kettles and toasters to machines like juice-makers and blenders.


This South Korean Manufacturer was once famous for making cars, who sell off their automotive to Chevrolet. They are distinct for creating simple to use kitchen appliances and thus making soup-makers of the same kind.


This brand is more famous for making air fryers and has a soup-maker named “cook ‘n’ mix”. It is known as a five-in-one machine which acts as a soup-maker, blender and can also make smoothies and compotes.


Kenwood is a brand which has been in the market from generations. This brand makes the best of kitchen products which are durable and could be relied on. Though nowadays the kitchen appliances by Kenwood is a little familiar, they are still in existence. The soup-makers by Kenwood is a bit low ranking than other soup makers among the list.

Other brands make soup-makers like Tower, Ambiano, Salter and Cuisinart. Some of them are popular, and others give the high quality that the user is looking for.