Breville Soup Maker

If someone is exploring new ways to effectively make soup or create healthy lunches, then the Breville Soup Maker is the best choice for you. This large soup maker can prepare enough soup at once for the entire family. Besides that, it’s also very user-friendly. All you need to do is cutting the vegetables, filling  it with the ingredients and turning the machine on. After waiting for 20 minutes, you have a delicious bowl of soup. The Breville Soup maker has a lot more to offer. So let’s continue our review of this amazing product.

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Striking features of Breville Soup Maker:

  • The maker has a capacity of 1.75 liters; it has a glass body instead of plastic
  • Motor is 600W
  • Prepares fuming soup in just 20 minutes
  • The weight of the machine is merely 5.5 kg
  • The maker is multi-functional and can make milkshakes, smoothies, dips, crush ice and sauces
  • Has both cold and hot blending speeds
  • Has a timer which alerts the user when the process ends
  • The soup maker can be completely disassembled so that it can be adequately cleaned; it can be safely used in the dishwasher
  • It has four different types of speed; the pulse button enables the user to customize the consistency of the soup as desired
  • The soup maker can efficiently work even in the presence of harder and larger pieces of veggies
  • The maker is accompanied with a hot plate which can sauté soup ingredients including vegetables

Breville Soup Maker Design

The structure of soup maker is considerably large; it has a capacity of 1.75 liters hence it can be considered an ideal machine for preparing soups in plenty which can be refrigerated and stored for the chilly mornings. The soup maker has a glass body instead of plastic and renders it a sturdy and better built. The machine has a stainless steel base unit which gives the maker a stylish and robust appearance; the soup maker’s presence becomes a compliment for the user’s kitchen.

The size and the structure make the soup machine bit heavy; its weight is 5.5 kg. Hence, those who have restrictions related to lifting heavy weight should explore other options and search for some other soup maker having lighter weight with compact structure.

The quality of the Breville soup maker is, however, quite impressive, especially when it is considered a mid-range product. The machine has durable built; hence, its durability can be guaranteed; thus, consumers can enjoy soup making for many years.

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Functions of Breville Soup Maker

Besides preparing soup, this soup maker can help perform many tasks in the kitchen. The soup maker can make milkshakes, smoothies and cocktails, dips and sauces along with crushing ice.

As regards the machine’s soup making abilities, the whole cooking process can be done with this machine with little extra work. The soup makers available in the market only blend and heat the soup, whereas this machine can sauté vegetables in the hot plate provided with the device. After this, the plants are boiled and then stirred and blended according to individual taste. The different speeds provided in the machine help the users to select the rate according to the desired consistency. The users can even customize their recipe with the help of the pulse button.

Easy Mechanism

This soup maker can be used very conveniently; it does not require constant observation while performing. The timer provided in the machine will help to know the completion of each step. The users should only take care that each process is completed accurately so that the device can move to the next process. When cooking is completed, the ingredients can be blended as per the required texture; this soup maker provides the user’s option to choose among cold and hot blending speeds.

Powerful & Fast

The soup maker of Breville is the fastest soup-making machines available in the market, it operates very quickly and can prepare soup within a time interval of 20 minutes, and the outcomes are entirely consistent and of good quality. The blades are angled in six ways which enhance the efficiency and power of the machine; it ensures speedy preparation of soup ? a feature much in demand for people in haste. This machine effectively works with larger pieces of meat or veggies; the other soup makers have difficulty coping with larger pieces and the users need to slice them into more exceptional pieces before blending.

Easy Cleaning

This soup maker can be easily disassembled, which enables the users to clean the machine without much effort; the other soup machines are quite challenging to clean. The parts of the device can be removed, and thus the blades can be avoided while cleaning. The soup maker leads its competitors in this aspects. All the components can be easily dismantled after the cooking process is completed so that the machine gets ready for the next venture in a short time.

The cooking plate is non-sticky, which makes cooking much easier; several soup makers complain of burning bottoms, and the ingredients get stuck to the bottom of the dish. As regards this machine, the users can remain calm and assured about parts not getting stabbed or burned.

Those who possess dishwasher can rejoice after buying this maker as it is entirely dishwasher safe as compared to other soup makers available in the market.

Breville Soup Maker – Is it a best choice?

This soup maker is quite impressive; though it is not the cheapest machine available in the market, it has a reasonable price compared to other expensive tools. The soup maker offers superb performance compared to other devices.

If the consumers can spend an extra amount, then this machine is the best bet. The soup maker is reliable, has fast speed and sturdy build, which can guarantee the performance of a lifetime. Based on the desirability’s, the consumer’s can choose this machine as it saves cooking time and does much of the job of the user.

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The many functions of the Breville soup machine will help the user perform many kitchen tasks and help it gain the status of an all-rounder in terms of convenience. Thus the soup maker can be termed a valued kitchen appliance.

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