Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

As you have attained some extra space in your budget, here comes the best for the soup devotee in the market. The Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker is the topmost model among all. This product is never sold at a low price. The quality of this product is the best in the market. Best soup is cooked in this soup maker. This soup maker saves a lot of time as well as energy compared to the other when you are found to be upright over a hub. This can be regarded as an impressive piece of kit and you are assisted with taking a step in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. This is the product which possesses an excellent product rating within the market.

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Chief Points

  • The soup maker has a capacity of producing hot liquid about 1.4 litres while for the cold liquid, this product can make the production of 1.75 litres.
  • It is comprised of a cooking plate for sautéing vegetables.
  • This machine follows a process that is stirring, then boiling, then simmering and lastly blending.
  • A hot bowl of soup can be produced within 20 minutes.
  • The quality of the building of this maker is excellent but is heavy and large.
  • This maker can be cleaned simply.
  • The simmer setting within this product tends, leaving some of the vegetables undercooked.
  • A warranty of 2 years is provided with this maker.
  • A free recipe booklet can be enjoyed with this buy.

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There lies some chief feature within this Cuisinart machine that makes it different from the other devices. The building quality of this maker is regarded as the principal feature. This is the product which is majorly sturdier as well as is more stringent compared to its competitors other than the expectation made after seeing the price tag. The motor of this maker is powerful enough for thoroughly blending each of the things. The blending outcomes a sweet soup with a smooth texture. This maker also can make smoothies as this machine have a good quality of whipping.

The customers are put off by one thing about this Cuisinart design is the substantial weight and size. This maker is a bit bigger compared to any other maker, which makes this machine a feeling of hefty. When a stronger product is searched within the market, then this is the product which can beat most of the soup maker which are fragile. While there are people, those prefer a lightweight soup maker as well as selects compliance, which is more compact.


This Cuisinart soup maker can produce hot liquid about 1.4 litres while for the cold cash, this product can make the production of 1.75 litres. This is certainly enough for the structuring of few bowls which are sized well considering the family. While this machine is not more extensive compared to some of the soup makers that are available in the market at a cheap rate. Though this machine is a bit larger, thus, it can produce soup for larger batches at a time.

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Soups are created from Scratch

This is the product which can also perform sautéing of vegetables and base the ingredients over the cooking plate other than the production of soup in a rapid manner as well as effortlessly. Multiple functions are stored in this product for preparing soup like stirring, boiling, simmering and lastly, blending. The things that you are required to perform is to put down the ingredients inside and then pressing of the right button. After that, the soup can be served within 20 minutes.

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Cleaned easily

This product can be cleaned easily after blending soup, sauce as well as a smoothie. The cleaning process for this machine is straightforward. This Cuisinart machine can be easily cleaned compared to any other products which are available within the market. A brush is to be recommended for cleaning this product rather than using a sponge or a cloth as this machine is comprised of a very sharp blade. The sharp knife is responsible for the significant power of blending. But this is dangerous when it is touched from an acute angle.

When the Cuisinart machine is made down in the sink immediately after use, then, a brush is not required to clean this product. The device needs to be filled with water along with some washing up liquid and set for blending. This can clean the machine automatically.

Simmer Setting Issues

The product of Cuisinart is not a perfect one. A shortcoming is observed within this machine, which specifies that the simmer setting never works perfectly for cooking the vegetables well. Some of the vegetables come out undercooked though it is simmered for quite some time. While this is noticed that when the setting of this machine is left for boiling for a long time before the simmering will be yielding for better results. Cuisinart should work on this thing after updating this product. This is the machine which is expensive and thus is required to be flawless.


This product of Cuisinart comes with a two years warranty guarantee considering any issue within the product. This is the product which is very useful when making some deal with any of the breakages as well as faults that are being found within this product. This is being found that numerous other soup makers never offer an extended warranty like this machine. Thus, a feeling of good comes with the most expensive appliance. This is the product that arrives with a solution during any wrongdoings.

Recipe Book

The Cuisinart soup maker arrives with a recipe booklet which is being thrown in for free. Within this book, some ideas are presented for making different types of soup recipes for getting started with this product.


While at last, this is to be concluded that the product is expensive. The price of the product is over 100 pounds. This product will not suit your kitchen when you are searching for a tightening budget and demand lies within you for a convenient kitchen appliance. There are also some other soup makers available in the market which is available at a cheap rate and provides a decent enough service.

When your pocket says that you can spare the money for buying a good quality soup maker, then Cuisinart acts perfect for you, presenting an outstanding quality with an efficient machine. The cleaning feature of this product is better compared to the other brands present within the market. The buying of this machine can be regarded as a substantial investment. Here you can see how to use soup maker.

Breville Soup Maker

If someone is exploring ways to effectively make use of the veggies which remain clustered at the weekends or desiring to produce instant healthy lunches, then Breville Soup Maker is the best choice for you. The soup maker assures large batches of soup which can be prepared from very insignificant materials. All one needs is cutting down the vegetables, filling the maker with the cut ingredients and turning the machine on outcomes fuming bowl of soup within 20 minutes. So here you get the full review of Breville Soup Maker below.

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Striking features of Breville Soup Maker:

  • The maker has a capacity of 1.75 litres; it has a glass body instead of plastic
  • Motor is 600W
  • Prepares fuming soup in just 20 minutes
  • The weight of the machine is merely 5.5 kg
  • The maker is multifunctional and can make milkshakes, smoothies, dips, crush ice and sauces
  • Has both cold and hot blending speeds
  • Has a timer which alerts the user when the process ends
  • The soup maker can be completely disassembled so that it can be adequately cleaned; it can be safely used in the dishwasher
  • It has four different types of speed; the pulse button enables the user to customize the consistency of the soup as desired
  • The soup maker can efficiently work even in the presence of harder and larger pieces of veggies
  • The maker is accompanied with a hot plate which can sauté soup ingredients including vegetables

Breville Soup Maker Design

The structure of soup maker is considerably large; it has a capacity of 1.75 litres hence it can be considered an ideal machine for preparing soups in plenty which can be refrigerated and stored for the chilly mornings. The soup maker has a glass body instead of plastic and renders it a sturdy and better built. The machine has a stainless steel base unit which gives the maker a stylish and robust appearance; the soup maker’s presence becomes a compliment for the user’s kitchen.

The size and the structure make the soup machine bit heavy; its weight is 5.5 kg. Hence, those who have restrictions related to lifting heavy weight should explore other options and search for some other soup maker having lighter weight with compact structure.

The quality of the Breville soup maker is, however, quite impressive, especially when it is considered a mid-range product. The machine has durable built; hence, its durability can be guaranteed; thus, consumers can enjoy soup making for many years.

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Functions of Breville Soup Maker

Besides preparing soup, this soup maker can help perform many tasks in the kitchen. The soup maker can make milkshakes, smoothies and cocktails, dips and sauces along with crushing ice.

As regards the machine’s soup making abilities, the whole cooking process can be done with this machine with little extra work. The soup makers available in the market only blend and heat the soup, whereas this machine can sauté vegetables in the hot plate provided with the device. After this, the plants are boiled and then stirred and blended according to individual taste. The different speeds provided in the machine help the users to select the rate according to the desired consistency. The users can even customize their recipe with the help of the pulse button.

Easy Mechanism

This soup maker can be used very conveniently; it does not require constant observation while performing. The timer provided in the machine will help to know the completion of each step. The users should only take care that each process is completed accurately so that the device can move to the next process. When cooking is completed, the ingredients can be blended as per the required texture; this soup maker provides the user’s option to choose among cold and hot blending speeds.

Powerful & Fast

The soup maker of Breville is the fastest soup-making machines available in the market, it operates very quickly and can prepare soup within a time interval of 20 minutes, and the outcomes are entirely consistent and of good quality. The blades are angled in six ways which enhance the efficiency and power of the machine; it ensures speedy preparation of soup – a feature much in demand for people in haste. This machine effectively works with larger pieces of meat or veggies; the other soup makers have difficulty coping with larger pieces and the users need to slice them into more exceptional pieces before blending.

Easy Cleaning

This soup maker can be easily disassembled, which enables the users to clean the machine without much effort; the other soup machines are quite challenging to clean. The parts of the device can be removed, and thus the blades can be avoided while cleaning. The soup maker leads its competitors in this aspects. All the components can be easily dismantled after the cooking process is completed so that the machine gets ready for the next venture in a short time.

The cooking plate is non-sticky, which makes cooking much easier; several soup makers complain of burning bottoms, and the ingredients get stuck to the bottom of the dish. As regards this machine, the users can remain calm and assured about parts not getting stabbed or burned.

Those who possess dishwasher can rejoice after buying this maker as it is entirely dishwasher safe as compared to other soup makers available in the market.

Breville Soup Maker – Is it a best choice?

This soup maker is quite impressive; though it is not the cheapest machine available in the market, it has a reasonable price compared to other expensive tools. The soup maker offers superb performance compared to other devices.

If the consumers can spend an extra amount, then this machine is the best bet. The soup maker is reliable, has fast speed and sturdy build, which can guarantee the performance of a lifetime. Based on the desirability’s, the consumer’s can choose this machine as it saves cooking time and does much of the job of the user.

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The many functions of the Breville soup machine will help the user perform many kitchen tasks and help it gain the status of an all-rounder in terms of convenience. Thus the soup maker can be termed a valued kitchen appliance.

Prolectrix Soup Maker

Prolectrix Soup Maker is an excellent way of making up of soups in a convenient and easy way for those that love to make soup at their home. This Prolectrix Soup Maker is a comparatively inexpensive kitchen appliance. The Prolectrix Soup Maker is a passably modest appliance of the kitchen that offers a very helpful solution to those individuals who love cooking soups. This would not be wrong to say that there are several massive inadequacies which make the Prolectrix soup maker as not worth obtaining.

Prolectrix Soup Maker Overview

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Usefull Points of Prolectrix Soup Maker

  • Big 1.6 litre volume; 1.3 litre minimum.
  • Design of Prolectrix Soup Maker is stylish, but this style is towards the heavy side.
  • The Prolectrix Soup Maker consists of finite functions as this can only make soup.
  • Prolectrix Soup Maker has a lid lock system which is required to be done during cooking. This locking system is done in such a way that it cannot be opened in order to add ingredients further. This soup maker has to be stopped entirely for adding extra ingredients and has to be cooked again from starting.
  • The best point of this soup maker is that it has a self-cleaning process and is provided with a brush. In order to clean the soup maker, individuals need to pour soap and water, and the appliance cleans its sharp blades with the brush.
  • The Prolectrix Soup Maker has a detachable jug which helps individuals to transfer their soup from jug to bowls directly. But the jug becomes hot to be touched, and this happens during the soup making process.
  • The Prolectrix Soup Maker Company provides a full refund offer if they are informed about the fault units of the appliance.

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Structure and Capacity

The Prolectrix Soup Maker appears to be comparable in design to a pot. The silver modulates steel outside of the Prolectrix Soup Maker is reviving change from the dominating blender plan that exists in the market of sup makers. This reviving change makes the design of the Prolectrix Soup Maker as strong and sturdy. The Prolectrix Soup Maker consists of a thick handle which gives individuals an easy way for lifting up of the jug while serving the prepared soup. This thickening of the handles provides individuals as a way of directly pouring of soup from the container without scooping it into dishes.

 Though the price of Prolectrix Soup Maker is reasonable, it comes with variant facilities. It has 1.3- 1.6-litre soup holding capacity, which is a point of attraction for the customers. It depends on the individuals that they want to make soup for one or two people. If they want to make four big sized bowls of soup, as a minimum amount of soup and a large amount of soup; both can be made quickly.

The most crucial point that needs to be considered while buying a soup maker is its weight. Since the weight of every soup maker increases when soups are made. Prolectrix Soup Maker is large and bulky in size as it weighs 2.7kg, and it becomes heavier when a considerable amount of soup is made through it.  The weight of this appliance does not bother to the healthy individuals but becomes a point of thought for those individuals who are elder and weak who search the markets for an available machine that can make soup for them.   This product cannot be recommended to those people who search for a lightweight and comfortable handle containing soup maker.

Constrained Functions

Dissimilar to the various soup makers that are present in the soup making market this soup maker can be said as a ‘ soup creator’.  There are individuals that buy soup making appliances just for making up of soup quickly at their home without having to do all the soup making work by themselves. But there are also some people that prefer to buy soup making appliances that are multi-functional and which can make soups as well as sauces and smoothies and also help individuals in their various tasks of the kitchen.

 The Prolectrix Soup Maker does not come with tremendous features and helps only to make soups, so it is not priced expensive by its creators. It would be a recommendation for those individuals who think Prolectrix Soup Maker as a multitask appliance not to buy it if they want to use it in the kitchen tasks and to search for that electrical appliance that can help them in their kitchen works too.

Hard to customize

The Prolectrix Soup Maker will not be a right choice if any individual wants to make a complex soup which includes the stages of adding various ingredients or the seasonings as these soup makers come with lid lock function.

This soup maker has a lid which if closed, cannot be opened to add ingredients without disturbing the full cooking process. But if the lid of the Prolectrix Soup Maker is opened during the cooking process for adding ingredients and then the lid is closed and set for cooking, then this soup maker will start its cooking process from the beginning and make the process hazard and confusing.  Though there are many soup-making appliances that are designed for easily customizing the recipes and its timings, the Prolectrix Soup Maker does not contain this type of features.

There are many complaints regarding the burning of the jug base in the soup makers while making soups. This issue is found to be a common fault for all the soup makers, which can be avoided by being cautious. The burning of the jug in all the soup makers happens becomes they get dried so in order to avoid the burning people can use cooking spray, butter or oils before putting the cooking ingredients for making the base of the jug smooth which would not catch fire while cooking.

Easy to be cleaned

Though the Prolectrix Soup Maker does not come with too many good features, the most important strength of this soup maker is a simple and easy design for cleaning after the cooking is done. Since simple to clean soup makers are crucial considerations by many consumers.  This appliance has a self-cleaning program which helps the individuals just to pour the soap and hot water inside the machine and the blending any cleaning is done by the appliance itself. This machine cleans itself and finds the residues that are present after the procedure of soup making.

The jug of the Prolectrix Soup Maker can be easily cleaned using hot water and sponge. This appliance comes with a brush which is included for the cleaning process, and this brush makes it easier for the people to easily clean the sharp blades of the appliance without having any injury risk.

Includes Recipe Book

 The Prolectrix Soup Maker includes a recipe book which can help the nervous feeling chefs to be get inspired before the chefs put their own soup creating methods together.   Though a recipe book is not a compulsory demand by the customers, it’s a beautiful addition for individuals who want to get started with their newly bought kitchen appliance.

A word of Caution

 There is one most important caution concern that needs to be kept in mind by every individual before buying the Prolectrix Soup Maker. The kettle that this soup maker has is made up of stainless steel, and this kettle becomes too hot after the water has been boiled. The heating up of kettle makes the soup maker warms up to an extremely high temperature when it cleaves, cooks, blends and boils the soup. So it is very important for the people not to touch the jug during the cooking and after the soup has been cooked. Individuals while lifting the jug should only touch and hold the handle of the jug or people could get a harsh burn from the steel body of the soup maker.

Faults Found

The main fault that is noted in with the Prolectrix soup maker is the rate through which the product stops and breaks down, and this happens without providing any apparent warning or reason.   It has been reported by customers that they have used the Prolectrix Soup Maker and found that this appliance works good and without making any problem for a couple of uses, but without giving any warning, it suddenly stops.  Customers fully become unable to find out what exactly the problem is behind stopping up of the appliance. But some believe that the build quality may not be up to the mark to meet the exact uses of the customers.

This has been cleared by the Prolectrix Soup Maker Company that if a customer buys this appliance and finds and faces the stooping issues, then the Company would refund the full amount of the customers.  Though the reporting, repacking and posting up of this appliance by the Company would take a long time and might get very stressful and annoying. So it is a recommendation for the customers to buy an esteemed soup maker instead of this type of less functional soup makers.

Should You Buy Prolectrix Soup Maker?

There has been a huge upsurge of the variety of soup makers that are available at low prices in the soup maker markets it becomes a tough point to recommend any customer for buying the Prolectrix Soup Maker appliance.  Since there are many frequent reports of the sudden breakdown and faulty units of the Prolectrix Soup Maker, it is not a good choice. This soup making appliance also has limited functions and is heavy in weight and not so beautiful in its design and this appliance also comes with the risk of burning all these bad features of the Prolectrix Soup Maker puts it in the line of lowest rated product. So it is a recommendation to look for different soup making appliances rather than considering the Prolectrix Soup Maker.

Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker Review

We welcome you to this blog to have an insight review of Morphy Richards 48822 soup maker. Not only, this we have selected this model as a vital ingredient of writing, but it is a highly outstanding selection for the fans of soups be it their primary soup maker tool, or replacing the existing soup maker that’s have completed its vicious life cycle. Recently, for the last few months on Amazon, this model has been a perfect best seller for a substantial amount of time. We also selected Morphy Richards 48822 on our top 10 best soup makers.

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Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker Review

This page will show you the reduction of the power of what is excellent, and in parallel with what is not great about this product, which includes a vivid description about what the people have to say those who have bought it. We think that it is essential to incorporate those statements in parallel to our own so that it will be easier for you to find out what the other soup lovers think about this equipment.

Without any further ado let’s get started by having a look at what benefits would you earn with this soup maker, focusing on its features, variations and the benefits you are going to receive from it.

Characteristics of Morphy Richards 48822

You are not the only one to think about this soup maker having several characters. But the question is, how the compound can a soup maker be? Specifically, you dump all the ingredients in, mix them up, heat them a little, and that is it, right? Well, yes, that is the general procedure, but we won’t be depending upon equipment, we need more grip and control over the stability, and mostly on how different ingredients are processed inside. Now, it is time to go into in-depth detail of the characters that are offered by Morphy Richards 48822 soup maker.

Cutting Blade

One of the most important thing that we need to know is that the soup makers mostly have advanced rated and high-quality stainless steel blades. This machine usually takes chopped ingredients to a degree and will blend them accordingly either to make a smooth paste-like consistency or less to leave a thick soup form. The cutting blade of Morphy Richards 48822 is situated in the lid of the unit, creating the right style having the natural clean nature of the design of this equipment.

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Simple and Convenient Controls

Any product must be made convenient and easy to use, and this is always a very significant factor among all considering mainly the products those are electronic, and as of now, it is all about the electronic and non-electronic gadgets in the kitchen. No such void is related to the feeling of being unsure or sure, so it will be great to know about the thoughts of Morphy Richards that insisted in making the control panel for the Morphy Richards 48822 which makes the machine simpler to control and use. There are four main functions those are properly labelled which consists of smooth, juice, blend, and chunky, and the other part which is not marked correctly is the countdown timer function so that it could render you an actual knowledge of what is going on meanwhile the soup is made.

Versatile with Ingredients

There are no such restrictions or limitation on what you are going to cook or add ingredients in your soups, but there is always an exception to that if you are preparing meat having the same temperature as it is needed to cook the soup. It may not be sufficient if all the ingredients are put together. The elements could be placed in the soup maker at first in lumps, and through the measurement of an inch, the smaller the size of chunks, the quicker they will get cooked.

Good capacity

In this design under Morphy Richards soup maker, you can cook the sumptuous amount of soup up to 1.6 litre or 1600 ml in a go, which is considered to be the upper end of capacity control of the soup maker among all the machines in the market. If you large members in your family then you could buy this as this is a beneficial factor and is considered to be one of the most common reasons that could be cited by the customer who has purchased this earlier making sure that they have loved it.

Easy Cleaning

This model of the soup maker has won several hearts of the customer because it consists of a rapid and convenient process of cleaning. As per as the instruction provided in the manual booklet it is as comfortable as one needs to rinse the material out and to wipe it around with a sponge along with warm soapy water. We have talked about the cooking procedure with this material and found it more haphazard, but it is useless to spend unnecessary time on scrubbing. Likewise, it has been mentioned that the blade that is mounted on the module is more conveniently accessible to wash out any food ingredients that are trapped that could be hiding around the same.

The Customer View

Here we have come to our next section, where we are going to talk about the point of view or the perspective of the other people, mainly the customers on Morphy Richards 48822 soup maker. This will be a projection of the personal opinion of the Customers about the Morphy Richard product. We think that it is a right way you need to be more balanced and so we hope you find our previous opinions of our customers more convenient to positive and negative which makes the review of the Morphy Richards soup maker valuable.

Cleaning Burnt Food

There are several numbers of reports which have come upon the issue of burning of food at the base of the container, which has resulted in questioning the people how to deal with it. The solution determined is to be seen in a two-way order, and both of them are useful if you already know them.

Firstly, it is essential to note that how can you avoid burning, and this is to make sure that there is enough liquid in the soup maker before the solid. You need to think about the stock or water, which helps in allowing the solids to avoid sticking after it gets contact with each other, and similarly during the process of cooking as the thick particles of the soup.

Secondly, if you find that the ingredients inside the soup maker have burnt during the process of cooking, this could be nearly welded to the inside of the machine or the soup maker. You should try not to turn on a scourer in the very first stance, as the internal surface of the soup maker could get damaged. Pour warm water into the soup maker and leave it to soak for a few minutes, and see that if it softens up a little bit or not. If it happens, then you must go back to the standard cleaning instructions of wiping the material around with the soapy water.

Instead of making soup, you can also start with a program cycle with water. This is done so that the heat will often help in loosening up the burnt portion of the soup and come away quite easily lately. It is also very convenient to repeat this process several times so that you can save yourself from getting the product damaged.

Making Thicker Soups

This is a practical a thorough discussion on how to thicken the soups ups if that is how you like them to have. So, the first and foremost ingredient is that you have to add starch to make the soup more intense in took and then you can also add lentils and potato that could help in raising the intensity of the soup and make it more perfect for you. It is also recommended to lower down the amount of liquid inside the whole content as this could again burn the base of the soup maker, for which we have discussed earlier.

Load it up and Let it go!

One of the best advantages and benefits of this soup maker is how convenient and easier this is to use. The learning process with this soup maker is very much quick and in case you are confused with anything. Just make sure that you read the manual carefully, and once you are solved with the issue, you are ready to go now. The problem is that lifting the lid of the soup maker makes the process to start from scratch.


To draw the line of determination, it can be said that Morphy Richards 48822 can be considered as one of the most affordable and versatile soup makers. This can help in providing to you to prepare a meal without any hassle. Several modes on it which you can apply to get a smooth, chunky, minutely blended soup.

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VonShef 800W Soup Maker Review

Here is an in-depth review of the jug soup maker Von Shef 800W. This happens to be our favorite model among the budget kitchen appliances. Also, this product has ranked quite well in the list of the best soup makers in the UK. Even though occasional or those who have just started cooking might find this very attractive, that does not indicate (in any way) that Von Shef delivers anything less. Simply keep reading to find out more about this product.

Many users have found this soup maker a bit inferior as compared to the Morphy Richards 48822. However, the fact is VonShef 800W costs less than Morphy Richards 48822 and so there are a few features that Shef does not have. So, if you are looking to spend according to a standard budget, this would be the perfect pick for you.

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VonShef 800W Soup Maker Review

The aim of this page is to present a complete run down of what is good and what is not-so-good about this product. The review will be based on features along with opinions. Above all, a summary of the opinion of the buyers who are currently using it. Even though we have our opinion on this product, we are deeply concerned about what the customers are thinking. For that, there would be a separate section marked as ‘The Customer View’ below. At the beginning of the review, let us check out the features of VonShef 800W Soup Maker.

Features of VonShef 800W Soup Maker

It has been said before already and we again repeat it – compared to others, soup makers have a short list of features. This does not imply that everything is included in them. The basic thumb rule is, you will get what you will be paying for. It is true that this jug soup maker is a low cost model. This does not mean that it lacks a lot of features. Not at all…

Not So Fast, Not So Slow

Compared to the performance of Tefal and Morphy Richards, the Von Shef 800W does not perform to that level. However, it offers a lot more than many other gadgets that cost higher than this. It just takes 25 minutes to go through quicker programs. As for the longer ones, it would take around half an hour at least. This does not go well against many of the rival brands. If you are price conscious and if you are able to bear a few extra minutes, the saving would be quite a justified one.

Whatever you want – Thick or Smooth

This happens to be among those universal features. Still, it is worth mentioning it. It just takes a simple pick of the preferred consistencies in order to choose the cooking program. That would be enough to figure out how much time the gadget takes. A few other options also exist and will be dealt with a bit later. However, the major soup preparation alternatives are clear and simple – either smooth or chunky.

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Blending of ingredients

The Von Shef 800W also acts as a blender. So, if you do not have a separate machine for blending, it is a great thing, isn’t it? It is interesting to note that many have opted for this soup maker in order to replace a blender that was about to stop working. Even though it offers dual function, it is not that expensive.

Drinks as well as liquids

Apart from blending, it is worth noting that this soup maker can be used to prepare juices, cocktails along with smoothies. It can be further utilized to liquidize ingredients for the preparation of various types of delicious sauces. Whether you want them thick or runny is entirely up to you.

It Keeps Food Warm

Von Shef 800W does an excellent job of keeping the soup warm post completion of heating. Usually, it would stay warm up to an hour and up to an hour and a half before the temperature starts decreasing below the minimum level. Ideally, the time should coincide with the meal time. However, it is a good thing that a sudden phone call or a visit by someone will not ruin will not put the effort or the ingredients used to an end.

The Shef is designed to prepare soups. So, if you want to use meat it should be cooked prior placing everything in the maker. If the meat does not get the right temperature, there would be a risk of food poisoning. Usually, soup makers do not have the provision to cook meat unless exclusively specified.

Safety Aspects

It is a good thing if electrical appliance manufacturers take the right precautions against what might go wrong. In this case, too, there are safety measures built into the gadget that prevents the soup from getting dry. The detection of the reverse is also possible, that is if the liquid poured in the machine is excess. After all, the spillover of boiling soup is something that nobody wants. First, it will completely ruin the soup. Second, it would be a big mess. Lastly, if the overflow happens while holding the gadget, it could lead to a bad burn.

The Customer View

This is the section we had mentioned above. We would now be moving to the opinion of the people. The views are not ours. It is the view of the people on Von Shef 800W. We may add just a few points so that the explanation is a complete one. We have simply summarized all the views and rounded them up in a condensed form. Continue reading to check what customers have said about this soup maker.

Gives Good Volume

This product has become a hit among those who live alone, are a couple or have a small family. Such customers mentioned about preparing large volumes and then refrigerating them to consume later. The only precaution needed is not to use ingredients that have been frozen. There might be a possibility of food poisoning.

The Timer Plug

A useful feature of this machine is the timer plug. It activates the machine at a pre-defined time. This allows the soup to be cooked just at the time when you want it. As a precaution, we would advise you not to go for this option while you are away.

Enjoy The Smooth Creamy Soup

The Von Shef soup maker owners have shown considerable love for the smooth soups. They simply adore the silky smooth preparation.


This is not a positive one. However, we found it important to share. Many users are not at all happy with the difficulty they faced while cleaning this equipment. It is far more sticky than the Tefal BL841140 and the Morphy Richards 48822. A lot depends on the ingredients being used too. Cheese is a substance that literally needs to be chiseled off at the time of cleaning.

No Countdown

It is not possible to have everything from a low budget machine. This equipment does not have a digital countdown up to the moment the soup is ready. So, if you are looking for such a facility, the Shef is not going to offer you that. However, it does have a sound alert. If you can listen out for it, it would mean something.

Soup Summary

In simple words, Von Shef 800W is a great product unless you have an obsession for the best of the best soup maker available in the market. Definitely, you will be getting a lot more if you can reach out to the Morphy Richards 48822. However, you will have to compare the process as well. Going by the MRP, this is indeed an impressive product. Hence, if you feel this is the right stuff for you, why not check out how much it costs now.