Cooks Professional Soup Maker Review

If you want to make homemade soup quickly, look no further! This Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker does the job for you. It allows you to make soup very quickly without any fuss. It will be a whole new experience. In less than an hour, it makes delicious soup. Like always, you can add additional ingredients to make it tastier.

Buy at Cheapest Price

Before buying the Cooks Professional soup maker, you need to consider a few critical factors:

Factors to Consider Before Buying Cooks Soup Maker


As with any product, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. Also, it is not clear-cut how much a consumer should pay for a soup maker. The price and quality of a soup maker usually go hand in hand. If you want a cheap soup maker, then it will come with a few essential functions. However, a cheap one will not have many extra features and your soup might be mediocre at best. Basically it will only have the essential features necessary to prepare soup.

There’s also soup-making kettles that you can buy. These tend to be a bit cheaper. However, you will not be able to see through the kettle soup maker, unlike a blender soup maker.

Pros and Cons

The Cooks Professional soup maker offers a range of products for the kitchen, and the soup maker is its most popular item. This model features a unique design and can be found in two variants, a glass or a stainless steel jug. In this review, we will be reviewing the glass jug model.

You need to keep in mind that this soup maker does not come with numerous features like a touchscreen or sauteing function.

Some pros and cons of the soup maker are given below:


  • 1.2L capacity
  • 1100W power
  • No pan needed
  • Keep warm and preheat functions
  • Recipe book provided
  • Can be used as a blender


  • A bit heavy

Cooks Soup Maker Product Features

When it comes to Cooks soup makers, this brand has done an excellent job to ensure that the features and settings are easy to use. So even if any user is using it for the first time, he/she will get quickly acquainted with the device. Let’s find out about the high-end features of this soup maker.

High-Quality Jug

Even though there is not much to add to a soup maker in terms of design to improve its practicality, it is impressive to see how Cooks Professional has presented it. The clear glass jug lets you see what is happening inside. It means you will have an idea if the soup will turn out the way you wanted it to be.

Effortless Soup Making

If you usually take more than two hours to prepare a soup, then this model is a winner! This soup maker lets you add freshly cut ingredients. More importantly, you will have hot and fresh soup prepared in less than an hour.

Amazing Extra Features

The clunky and smooth settings are essential when you want to give your soup a personalized feel and look. Since you can tell at which stage your soup is, it is straightforward to press the stop button when you feel it has reached the right consistency, according to you.

Simple Controls

One thing that stands out is that the controls are on the handle and not on the lid. The buttons are simple to push, which makes it easier for any household. The layout of the buttons is simple as well with only five buttons to select from. So you will never get confused when trying to use a feature.

Also Acts as a Blender

The standard pulse feature allows you to use this soup maker as a blender. You can make juices, smoothies, cookies, etc. with the help of the steel blades. This feature is added so that you do not need to put this soup maker away during the summer. It is even more useful for making breakfast, as you can make cereal smoothies with it.

Boil/Reheat Function

With this product, you do not have to serve the soup as soon as it is prepared. You can make it in advance, and when the time comes, you can use the boil function to heat the soup. It can be served straight from the jug as they have provided a pouring lip. It prevents drips from the outside of the jug.

Good Capacity

It has a soup-making capacity of 1.2L, which allows cooking of soup for up to four standard servings. If you are a small family, then one batch of soup will be enough, and if you are experimenting, then you can have the leftovers for the next day.

Safety Features

This soup maker features an anti-dry shutdown feature, which is useful when you add too little water. This feature will include the ingredients from getting burnt and cuts the power when you lift the lid to avoid burns from the boiling soup. It can also act as a pause button when you want to add spices or ingredients during the cooking process. Apart from all this, it features an inner line, which indicates where the maximum should be.

Effortless Cleaning

This product was made to prevent the soup from burning. But, even if you have to deal with it, the clean function will make it look very easy. Just add some water and cleaning liquid and hit the pulse function to start the cleaning cycle. After the process, it is only a matter of rinsing, and then your soup maker will look as good as new.

Customer Reviews

Let’s see what the other customers have to say about this product. The reviews were pretty easy to find, as it is a top-performing item on the internet. Amazon gives the Cooks soup maker 4 out of 5 stars (with a total of almost 200 ratings).

A large number of users are happy with their purchase. Without a doubt, Cooks has made an incredible soup maker. Most of them say that they are satisfied with the design and build quality. Within this price range, Cooks professional soup maker somewhat fulfilled their wish. Due to its high capacity and extended safety features, this soup maker is preferred by most soup lovers. Customers also stated that the cleaning of the soup maker is also super simple.

Want to Buy a Different Brand?

If you rather buy a different brand, here are some of the main competitors of this soup maker.

Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender

This product looks very similar to the Cooks Professional Soup Maker. Even the functions perform with the same level of excellence. This unit works as a soup maker and a blender as well. It also has features such as pulse function. However, this model is a lot more expensive even though it includes a cleaning brush.

Morphy Richards 501020 Total Soup Maker

This is an advanced model and is meant for those customers who want a sophisticated kitchen appliance. It comes with nine different settings, which make the soup making the process more comfortable. It comes with a saute feature to help fry the ingredients as well as a reheat function. This product comes with a touchscreen, and its quality is also similar to the previous ones. If you are part of a large family, buying this soup maker might not be the right choice.

Salter EK2411 Soup Maker

It has a reasonably low capacity than the previous ones with just 1.1L of the area available, but it has its features. If you do not like to sit by the side of the soup to keep an eye out for a while continually, it is preparing; then, you have a product that controls burning using an intelligent control system. This feature prevents the soup from over-spilling, which means now you can leave this boiling and come back after the soup is ready to get served. You can make different types of soups, such as smooth or chunky soups. It also allows the making of compote, blending juices.
It is incredible that a small product like this can help you make fresh soups instead of bringing pre-cooked ones.


If you are looking for an option to make soup without making a mess, then you will be pleased about this product. This kitchen gadget will save you precious time, and there will be no other devices required. You can see the progress and make changes as the process continues.

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