Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

As you have attained some extra space in your budget, here comes the best for the soup devotee in the market. The Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker is the topmost model among all. This product is never sold at a low price. The quality of this product is the best in the market. Best soup is cooked in this soup maker. This soup maker saves a lot of time as well as energy compared to the other when you are found to be upright over a hub. This can be regarded as an impressive piece of kit and you are assisted with taking a step in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. This is the product which possesses an excellent product rating within the market.

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Chief Points

  • The soup maker has a capacity of producing hot liquid about 1.4 liters while for the cold liquid, this product can make the production of 1.75 liters.
  • It is comprised of a cooking plate for sauteing vegetables.
  • This machine follows a process that is stirring, then boiling, then simmering and lastly blending.
  • A hot bowl of soup can be produced within 20 minutes.
  • The quality of the building of this maker is excellent but is heavy and large.
  • This maker can be cleaned simply.
  • The simmer setting within this product tends, leaving some of the vegetables undercooked.
  • A warranty of 2 years is provided with this maker.
  • A free recipe booklet can be enjoyed with this buy.

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There lies some chief feature within this Cuisinart machine that makes it different from the other devices. The building quality of this maker is regarded as the principal feature. This is the product which is majorly sturdier as well as is more stringent compared to its competitors other than the expectation made after seeing the price tag. The motor of this maker is powerful enough for thoroughly blending each of the things. The blending outcomes a sweet soup with a smooth texture. This maker also can make smoothies as this machine have a good quality of whipping.

The customers are put off by one thing about this Cuisinart design is the substantial weight and size. This maker is a bit bigger compared to any other maker, which makes this machine a feeling of hefty. When a stronger product is searched within the market, then this is the product which can beat most of the soup maker which are fragile. While there are people, those prefer a lightweight soup maker as well as selects compliance, which is more compact.


This Cuisinart soup maker can produce hot liquid about 1.4 liters while for the cold cash, this product can make the production of 1.75 liters. This is certainly enough for the structuring of few bowls which are sized well considering the family. While this machine is not more extensive compared to some of the soup makers that are available in the market at a cheap rate. Though this machine is a bit larger, thus, it can produce soup for larger batches at a time.

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Soups are created from Scratch

This is the product which can also perform sauteing of vegetables and base the ingredients over the cooking plate other than the production of soup in a rapid manner as well as effortlessly. Multiple functions are stored in this product for preparing soup like stirring, boiling, simmering and lastly, blending. The things that you are required to perform is to put down the ingredients inside and then pressing of the right button. After that, the soup can be served within 20 minutes.

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Cleaned easily

This product can be cleaned easily after blending soup, sauce as well as a smoothie. The cleaning process for this machine is straightforward. This Cuisinart machine can be easily cleaned compared to any other products which are available within the market. A brush is to be recommended for cleaning this product rather than using a sponge or a cloth as this machine is comprised of a very sharp blade. The sharp knife is responsible for the significant power of blending. But this is dangerous when it is touched from an acute angle.

When the Cuisinart machine is made down in the sink immediately after use, then, a brush is not required to clean this product. The device needs to be filled with water along with some washing up liquid and set for blending. This can clean the machine automatically.

Simmer Setting Issues

The product of Cuisinart is not a perfect one. A shortcoming is observed within this machine, which specifies that the simmer setting never works perfectly for cooking the vegetables well. Some of the vegetables come out undercooked though it is simmered for quite some time. While this is noticed that when the setting of this machine is left for boiling for a long time before the simmering will be yielding for better results. Cuisinart should work on this thing after updating this product. This is the machine which is expensive and thus is required to be flawless.


This product of Cuisinart comes with a two years warranty guarantee considering any issue within the product. This is the product which is very useful when making some deal with any of the breakages as well as faults that are being found within this product. This is being found that numerous other soup makers never offer an extended warranty like this machine. Thus, a feeling of good comes with the most expensive appliance. This is the product that arrives with a solution during any wrongdoings.

Recipe Book

The Cuisinart soup maker arrives with a recipe booklet which is being thrown in for free. Within this book, some ideas are presented for making different types of soup recipes for getting started with this product.


While at last, this is to be concluded that the product is expensive. The price of the product is over 100 pounds. This product will not suit your kitchen when you are searching for a tightening budget and demand lies within you for a convenient kitchen appliance. There are also some other soup makers available in the market which is available at a cheap rate and provides a decent enough service.

When your pocket says that you can spare the money for buying a good quality soup maker, then Cuisinart acts perfect for you, presenting an outstanding quality with an efficient machine. The cleaning feature of this product is better compared to the other brands present within the market. The buying of this machine can be regarded as a substantial investment.