Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker Review

We’ve written a detailed review of the Morphy Richards 48822 soup maker. This model is a great choice for every soup lover. If you never used a soup maker, this model is the perfect one for you. It’s very easy to use. Recently, for the last few months on Amazon, this model has been a best seller in its category. We’ve also selected Morphy Richards 48822 as one of ourĀ top 10 soup makers.

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Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker Review

This page will show you the reduction of the power of what is excellent, and in parallel with what is not great about this product, which includes a vivid description of what the people have to say to those who have bought it. We think that it is essential to incorporate those statements in parallel to our own so that it will be easier for you to find out what the other soup lovers think about this equipment.

Without any further ado let’s get started by having a look at what benefits would you earn with this soup maker, focusing on its features, variations, and the benefits you are going to receive from it.

Characteristics of Morphy Richards 48822

You are not the only one to think about this soup maker having several characters. But the question is, how the compound can a soup maker be? Specifically, you dump all the ingredients in, mix them up, heat them a little, and that is it, right? Well, yes, that is the general procedure, but we won’t be depending upon equipment, we need more grip and control over the stability, and mostly on how different ingredients are processed inside. Now, it is time to go into in-depth detail of the characters that are offered by Morphy Richards 48822 soup maker.

Cutting Blade

One of the most important things that we need to know is that the soup makers mostly have advanced rated and high-quality stainless steel blades. This machine usually takes chopped ingredients to a degree and will blend them accordingly either to make a smooth paste-like consistency or less to leave a thick soup form. The cutting blade of Morphy Richards 48822 is situated in the lid of the unit, creating the right style having the natural clean nature of the design of this equipment.

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Simple and Convenient Controls

Any product must be made convenient and easy to use, and this is always a very significant factor among all considering mainly the products that are electronic, and as of now, it is all about the electronic and non-electronic gadgets in the kitchen. No such void is related to the feeling of being unsure or sure, so it will be great to know about the thoughts of Morphy Richards that insisted on making the control panel for the Morphy Richards 48822 which makes the machine simpler to control and use. There are four main functions that are properly labeled which consist of smooth, juice, blend, and chunky, and the other part which is not marked correctly is the countdown timer function so that it could render you an actual knowledge of what is going on meanwhile the soup is made.

Versatile with Ingredients

There are no such restrictions or limitations on what you are going to cook or add ingredients in your soups, but there is always an exception to that if you are preparing meat having the same temperature as it is needed to cook the soup. It may not be sufficient if all the ingredients are put together. The elements could be placed in the soup maker at first in lumps, and through the measurement of an inch, the smaller the size of chunks, the quicker they will get cooked.

Good capacity

In this design under Morphy Richards soup maker, you can cook the sumptuous amount of soup up to 1.6 liter or 1600 ml in a go, which is considered to be the upper end of capacity control of the soup maker among all the machines in the market. If you large members in your family then you could buy this as this is a beneficial factor and is considered to be one of the most common reasons that could be cited by the customer who has purchased this earlier making sure that they have loved it.

Easy Cleaning

This model of the soup maker has won several hearts of the customer because it consists of a rapid and convenient process of cleaning. As per the instruction provided in the manual booklet, it is as comfortable as one needs to rinse the material out and to wipe it around with a sponge along with warm soapy water. We have talked about the cooking procedure with this material and found it more haphazard, but it is useless to spend unnecessary time on scrubbing. Likewise, it has been mentioned that the blade that is mounted on the module is more conveniently accessible to wash out any food ingredients that are trapped that could be hiding around the same.

The Customer View

Here we have come to our next section, where we are going to talk about the point of view or the perspective of the other people, mainly the customers on Morphy Richards 48822 soup maker. This will be a projection of the personal opinion of the Customers about the Morphy Richard product. We think that it is the right way you need to be more balanced and so we hope you find our previous opinions of our customers more convenient to positive and negative which makes the review of the Morphy Richards soup maker valuable.

Cleaning Burnt Food

There are several numbers of reports which have come upon the issue of the burning of food at the base of the container, which has resulted in questioning the people how to deal with it. The solution determined is to be seen in a two-way order, and both of them are useful if you already know them.

Firstly, it is essential to note that how can you avoid burning, and this is to make sure that there is enough liquid in the soup maker before the solid. You need to think about the stock or water, which helps in allowing the solids to avoid sticking after it gets contact with each other, and similarly during the process of cooking as the thick particles of the soup.

Secondly, if you find that the ingredients inside the soup maker have burnt during the process of cooking, this could be nearly welded to the inside of the machine or the soup maker. You should try not to turn on a scourer in the very first stance, as the internal surface of the soup maker could get damaged. Pour warm water into the soup maker and leave it to soak for a few minutes, and see that if it softens up a little bit or not. If it happens, then you must go back to the standard cleaning instructions of wiping the material around with the soapy water.

Instead of making soup, you can also start with a program cycle with water. This is done so that the heat will often help in loosening up the burnt portion of the soup and come away quite easily lately. It is also very convenient to repeat this process several times so that you can save yourself from getting the product damaged.

Making Thicker Soups

This is a practical a thorough discussion on how to thicken the soups ups if that is how you like them to have. So, the first and foremost ingredient is that you have to add starch to make the soup more intense in took, and then you can also add lentils and potato that could help in raising the intensity of the soup and make it more perfect for you. It is also recommended to lower down the amount of liquid inside the whole content as this could again burn the base of the soup maker, which we have discussed earlier.

Load it up and Let it go!

One of the best advantages and benefits of this soup maker is how convenient and easier this is to use. The learning process with this soup maker is very much quick and in case you are confused with anything. Just make sure that you read the manual carefully, and once you are solved with the issue, you are ready to go now. The problem is that lifting the lid of the soup maker makes the process to start from scratch.


To draw the line of determination, it can be said that Morphy Richards 48822 can be considered as one of the most affordable and versatile soup makers. This can help in providing to you to prepare a meal without any hassle. Several modes on it that you can apply to get a smooth, chunky, minutely blended soup.

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