Morphy Richards 501014 Soup Maker Review

Morphy Richards 501014 Soup Maker is one of the best soup makers, which is now available on the market. Thanks to some of the improved technology compared to previous models, your soup turns out to be delicious.  This 501014-model soup maker with its latest technology makes your soup very tasty. Within very little time, you have a bowl of soup. We were very surprised how fast this soup maker works and can definitely recommend it. It only takes 21 minutes for the soup to be ready. The user can add extra ingredients to customize the taste of their soup as well.

Let’s get into why we believe this is one of the best soup makers on the market.

Morphy Richards Soup Maker 501014

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Why should you choose Morphy Richards 501014?

This soup maker is one of the few soup makers that have the saute function. The users would get the added benefit of adding extra flavour to their soup with the help of this function. The soup maker is quite user-friendly and is also designed in a way so that the user can prepare their soup easily. The easy to use control panel also helps with this. The display on the control panel displays the exact time that would be required by the soup maker to prepare the soup as per the instruction of the user.

The different interactive modes also provide the users with various pre-program styles of soup, juice, smoothie making that make it easier for the user. The booklet provided by Morphy Richards consists of every minute detail of every function of the soup maker that adds on to the user’s benefit, providing them information about the use of the soup maker.

Quick Summary of Morphy Richards 501014

The soup maker has a capacity of 1.6 L. The user can make a sufficient quantity of soup for more than 6 people. The soup maker is also designed with a 1000 watt motor. The advancement in the features from the previous model and the newly installed feature in these models allows the user to choose between smooth and chunky consistency of the soup. The countdown timer in the display, present in the control panel lets the user know the exact time that would be required by the user to prepare the soup. The 501014 soup maker generally takes less than 21 minutes to make the soup.

If the user opts for a thicker consistency, then the soup maker would take around 30 minutes for the preparation of the best soup. The blend button in the control panel allows the user to receive the best possible consistency. For example- If a user has made his/her soup bit more chunky and after tasting, the user wants it to be a little smoother. The user can simply press the blend button, and the 501014 soup maker does it within no time.

This soup maker also adds on to the feature that would allow all its users to prepare smoothie and juice and the recipe book provided by Morphy Richards would give the user plenty of ideas. The pause function in the soup maker makes it easy for the user to remove the lid part and add all required spices to make the soup more delicious and tasty. The LED press button in the control panel makes the soup maker look more attractive with a brushed stainless steel finish.

Customer Review

The reviews for this soup maker are quite fantastic! Customers are pretty much satisfied with this soup maker. People are also interested in buying the Morphy Richards 501014 Soup Maker for its speed. The different settings that are already present in the soup maker allow the users to re-innovate their dishes in a better way and hence will enable them to explore their cooking skills.

The pause feature is of great use as well. This allows the user to add all the required spices and makes the soup even tastier. I personally, as a user of this soup maker, have a very positive experience. I have been using the soup maker for 5 months, and the soup made with this product is delicious.

And, There Is More!

The new features, which we will discuss in the next part, that are being added to the soup maker make it more exciting. And there’s more, the control panel is entirely interactive. The design of the soup maker is beautiful, and its nonstick material quality makes it more user friendly. The new ideas that are mentioned in the user manual are straightforward to experiment with, and they result in some of the most delicious soup we’ve ever tried.

The soup maker is straightforward to use, you as a user only need to add all the ingredients to the soup maker and press the start button, the soup would be prepared within 21 minutes. The better recipe you have, the better soup you can get. Considering all the features that are provided by 501014 soup maker, it is one of the best modern-day soup makers with some of the most exciting features that add on to the benefits of the user. The power consumption by the soup maker is very less as compared to any other soup maker. The soup gets prepared with the least ingredients with the new technology that is provided by the soup maker.


It is one of the most efficient soup makers, with some of the most exciting features. A user gets to experience lots of advancement in both technicalities and design. The product has a 1-year warranty. The other aspect which makes this product more special is the heating element that is present in the base. The pause button is of a lot of help as it allows the user to separate the lid. The 501014 soup maker is nonstick and is easy to clean. The height of the soup maker is 310mm, depth is 170mm, and width is 224mm.

It has 4 different settings that a user can use to match the consistency of the soup they want. With the help of sauteing function, a user can add any other ingredients that would add more flavour to their soup. These ingredients may be onion, garlic, or any other spices depending on the user’s choice.

The soup maker has a 1.6L capacity and works on a 1000W motor. In a single-use, the size is sufficient for 6 other individuals, including the user. The user interactive control panel provides the user with the exact time that would be required by the soup maker to make the soup that is instructed by the user.


It is one of the most technically advanced soup makers. The soup maker is very fast and the soup of the user gets prepared very easily within no time. Even though the soup maker is a bit more expensive, we believe it’s still worth it. According to us, efficiency and user-friendly options make up for the cost. The 1.6L capacity adds on to the benefit of the user as with a single-use the soup would be enough for 6 other individuals including the user.

The saute function allows the user to add his/her flavor to the soup and also is a healthier way for the user to maintain their diet routine. We’ve used this soup maker to prepare a wide range of different soups. It is one of the few soap makers that is available with a pause button and allows the user to add all the required ingredients. The soup prepared by the soup maker is generally very tasty and smooth. The only technical problem that needs to be cleared is the start issue of the motor.


We can conclude that you must buy the Morphy Richards 501014 soup maker. Its performance is literally second-to-none. The new functions make this soup maker one of the most technically sound soup makers. The material in which the soup maker is straightforward to clean and is nonsticky.

The Morphy Richards user manual is quite user-friendly and provides sufficient details about the soup maker. Besides that, it also consists of some exciting new ideas that can be implemented by the user. New features on this device also add extra value to the soup maker. The user only needs to add the ingredients and press the start button to the soup. The Morphy Richards soup maker is currently one of the most advanced soup makers on the market.