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Prolectrix Soup Maker is an excellent way of making up of soups in a convenient and easy way for those that love to make soup at their home. This Prolectrix Soup Maker is a comparatively inexpensive kitchen appliance. The Prolectrix Soup Maker is a passably modest appliance of the kitchen that offers a very helpful solution to those individuals who love cooking soups. This would not be wrong to say that there are several massive inadequacies which make the Prolectrix soup maker as not worth obtaining.

Prolectrix Soup Maker Overview

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Usefull Points of Prolectrix Soup Maker

  • Big 1.6 litre volume; 1.3 litre minimum.
  • Design of Prolectrix Soup Maker is stylish, but this style is towards the heavy side.
  • The Prolectrix Soup Maker consists of finite functions as this can only make soup.
  • Prolectrix Soup Maker has a lid lock system which is required to be done during cooking. This locking system is done in such a way that it cannot be opened in order to add ingredients further. This soup maker has to be stopped entirely for adding extra ingredients and has to be cooked again from starting.
  • The best point of this soup maker is that it has a self-cleaning process and is provided with a brush. In order to clean the soup maker, individuals need to pour soap and water, and the appliance cleans its sharp blades with the brush.
  • The Prolectrix Soup Maker has a detachable jug which helps individuals to transfer their soup from jug to bowls directly. But the jug becomes hot to be touched, and this happens during the soup making process.
  • The Prolectrix Soup Maker Company provides a full refund offer if they are informed about the fault units of the appliance.

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Structure and Capacity

The Prolectrix Soup Maker appears to be comparable in design to a pot. The silver modulates steel outside of the Prolectrix Soup Maker is reviving change from the dominating blender plan that exists in the market of sup makers. This reviving change makes the design of the Prolectrix Soup Maker as strong and sturdy. The Prolectrix Soup Maker consists of a thick handle which gives individuals an easy way for lifting up of the jug while serving the prepared soup. This thickening of the handles provides individuals as a way of directly pouring of soup from the container without scooping it into dishes.

?Though the price of Prolectrix Soup Maker is reasonable, it comes with variant facilities. It has 1.3- 1.6-litre soup holding capacity, which is a point of attraction for the customers. It depends on the individuals that they want to make soup for one or two people. If they want to make four big sized bowls of soup, as a minimum amount of soup and a large amount of soup; both can be made quickly.

The most crucial point that needs to be considered while buying a soup maker is its weight. Since the weight of every soup maker increases when soups are made. Prolectrix Soup Maker is large and bulky in size as it weighs 2.7kg, and it becomes heavier when a considerable amount of soup is made through it.? The weight of this appliance does not bother to the healthy individuals but becomes a point of thought for those individuals who are elder and weak who search the markets for an available machine that can make soup for them. ??This product cannot be recommended to those people who search for a lightweight and comfortable handle containing soup maker.

Constrained Functions

Dissimilar to the various soup makers that are present in the soup making market this soup maker can be said as a ? soup creator’.? There are individuals that buy soup making appliances just for making up of soup quickly at their home without having to do all the soup making work by themselves. But there are also some people that prefer to buy soup making appliances that are multi-functional and which can make soups as well as sauces and smoothies and also help individuals in their various tasks of the kitchen.

?The Prolectrix Soup Maker does not come with tremendous features and helps only to make soups, so it is not priced expensive by its creators. It would be a recommendation for those individuals who think Prolectrix Soup Maker as a multitask appliance not to buy it if they want to use it in the kitchen tasks and to search for that electrical appliance that can help them in their kitchen works too.

Hard to customize

The Prolectrix Soup Maker will not be a right choice if any individual wants to make a complex soup which includes the stages of adding various ingredients or the seasonings as these soup makers come with lid lock function.

This soup maker has a lid which if closed, cannot be opened to add ingredients without disturbing the full cooking process. But if the lid of the Prolectrix Soup Maker is opened during the cooking process for adding ingredients and then the lid is closed and set for cooking, then this soup maker will start its cooking process from the beginning and make the process hazard and confusing.? Though there are many soup-making appliances that are designed for easily customizing the recipes and its timings, the Prolectrix Soup Maker does not contain this type of features.

There are many complaints regarding the burning of the jug base in the soup makers while making soups. This issue is found to be a common fault for all the soup makers, which can be avoided by being cautious. The burning of the jug in all the soup makers happens becomes they get dried so in order to avoid the burning people can use cooking spray, butter or oils before putting the cooking ingredients for making the base of the jug smooth which would not catch fire while cooking.

Easy to be cleaned

Though the Prolectrix Soup Maker does not come with too many good features, the most important strength of this soup maker is a simple and easy design for cleaning after the cooking is done. Since simple to clean soup makers are crucial considerations by many consumers.? This appliance has a self-cleaning program which helps the individuals just to pour the soap and hot water inside the machine and the blending any cleaning is done by the appliance itself. This machine cleans itself and finds the residues that are present after the procedure of soup making.

The jug of the Prolectrix Soup Maker can be easily cleaned using hot water and sponge. This appliance comes with a brush which is included for the cleaning process, and this brush makes it easier for the people to easily clean the sharp blades of the appliance without having any injury risk.

Includes Recipe Book

?The Prolectrix Soup Maker includes a recipe book which can help the nervous feeling chefs to be get inspired before the chefs put their own soup creating methods together. ??Though a recipe book is not a compulsory demand by the customers, it?s a beautiful addition for individuals who want to get started with their newly bought kitchen appliance.

A word of Caution

?There is one most important caution concern that needs to be kept in mind by every individual before buying the Prolectrix Soup Maker. The kettle that this soup maker has is made up of stainless steel, and this kettle becomes too hot after the water has been boiled. The heating up of kettle makes the soup maker warms up to an extremely high temperature when it cleaves, cooks, blends and boils the soup. So it is very important for the people not to touch the jug during the cooking and after the soup has been cooked. Individuals while lifting the jug should only touch and hold the handle of the jug or people could get a harsh burn from the steel body of the soup maker.

Faults Found

The main fault that is noted in with the Prolectrix soup maker is the rate through which the product stops and breaks down, and this happens without providing any apparent warning or reason.?? It has been reported by customers that they have used the Prolectrix Soup Maker and found that this appliance works good and without making any problem for a couple of uses, but without giving any warning, it suddenly stops.? Customers fully become unable to find out what exactly the problem is behind stopping up of the appliance. But some believe that the build quality may not be up to the mark to meet the exact uses of the customers.

This has been cleared by the Prolectrix Soup Maker Company that if a customer buys this appliance and finds and faces the stooping issues, then the Company would refund the full amount of the customers. ?Though the reporting, repacking and posting up of this appliance by the Company would take a long time and might get very stressful and annoying. So it is a recommendation for the customers to buy an esteemed soup maker instead of this type of less functional soup makers.

Should You Buy Prolectrix Soup Maker?

There has been a huge upsurge of the variety of soup makers that are available at low prices in the soup maker markets it becomes a tough point to recommend any customer for buying the Prolectrix Soup Maker appliance.? Since there are many frequent reports of the sudden breakdown and faulty units of the Prolectrix Soup Maker, it is not a good choice. This soup making appliance also has limited functions and is heavy in weight and not so beautiful in its design and this appliance also comes with the risk of burning all these bad features of the Prolectrix Soup Maker puts it in the line of lowest rated product. So it is a recommendation to look for different soup making appliances rather than considering the Prolectrix Soup Maker.

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