Tefal BL841140 Soup Maker Review

Tefal’s BL841140 is a high rated soup maker product that’s considered to be one of our top picks. We’ve talked about this product on our homepage, but here we are going to review it a bit more in detail. Tefal is a soup maker brand which is very popular, just like the Morphy Richards soup makers, and features itself as one of the most sold soup makers of the internet retail giant Amazon’s best seller. So read the full review of Tefal BL841140 it would give an idea of what makes this product so popular. So, let’s get started.

Tefal BL841140 Soup Maker Review

There are two key areas that we are going to have a look into while reviewing Tefal Easy soup maker. The features of the product and what the consumer thinks about it. The first criteria is a factual look into the offerings and what is it theta the consumer gets with this machine while the second one looks into the feedback of the previous consumers who have used this product previously.

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Features of Tefal BL841140

The features of the product Tefal BL841140 easy soup maker have a lot of controls that help to make the perfect blend for the soup which you would always prefer once you have learned the perfect blending of the bow of soup you wish to make. However, like all other products this product too needs a clear and detailed understanding of the features which would make your purchase decision for the Tefal soup maker.

Easy to use

The best aspect of Tefal BL841140 soup maker is designed keeping in mind the new chefs who are not very experienced with the soup making. When you wish to have your soup made with least of fuss, this Tefal model is exactly what you are looking for. As is depicted on our homepage, if you want more of controls on your product the Morphy Richards gets our nod.

Simply put, the Tefal machine is great if you are looking for something as simple as chopping few vegetables, put in some water or stock and leave it to cook for itself with its own modes and controls.

Good Capacity

The capacity is not the biggest one available in the market but it’s big enough to offer 1200ML of soup from the Tefal. This amount is good enough for 4 portions of a normal bowl of soup and is well suited for the family kitchens. Since the programming is designed for speed, one can always get a second helping similar to the first and enjoy the same taste again.

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Fast Program

The Tefal BL841140 features a fast 23 minutes soup making cycle which is a good feature compared to other soup makers with rival machines. The program which makes the soup creamier, smooth with chunks in it, you will need to allow another couple of minutes on top as within an impressive 25 minutes the needed body of the soup can be got.

Again, if your soup needs to be more smooth which may not be in the quickest option that provides such, there is an additional blending program which gets the soup as close to what you expect it to be like.

Keeping the Soup Warm

The good features that this product has is its capability to keep the soup warm for a longer time even after the completion of the soup making cycle. The Tefal has an indicator audio beep which allows it to give a beep indicating that the soup is ready and then automatically shift into making the soup warming mode which continues for the next 40 minutes. In fact, the heat is retained for a far longer time the heat is retained in the soup within the soup maker, even after the mode is deactivated or switched off, due to its design and making designs.

Recipe Book Inside

If the product is new to you, we have a simple solution. You won’t be left away from good soup making process learning or making. So open the box and you get your recipe book inside the box so that you can use the machine from the very first day. This book guides to use the machine and make the best use of the machine with confidence. We don’t think you would wait long to start off with your first soup making experiment, so go ahead!!

The Customer view

This section would view the most important aspect of the business which influences it and has the information which is kept for the business development and sustainability which is the consumer’s view. This product is so popular because of the consumer’s feedback that the business has assimilated into the products to make it more popular and have the needed experience of what is needed for such a product to offer the best. So the best of product features have been added to make this product easy to use and understand that you can easily wade through it all by yourself.

Tefal BL841140 Smooth Soup

There is a lot of praises for the results of the chunky programs however if you are a fan of smooth and creamy soups, this is an attractive product which has gathered a lot of praise in this department. Tefal has attracted consumers with such choices towards itself.

Easy to clean

The people using the soup makers have complained that the poorly designed soup makers are difficult to clean. This is usual for the vegetables and other such ingredients to stick with the walls and burn inside the machine which is very difficult to clean before reuse of the gadget again.

The Tefal has positive feedback on this subject in the market. The machine has an in-build program of cleaning making the job easier for the users. However, there are complains of the ingredients like cheese being settled at the bottom after cooking is over or trying to fuse themselves along with the rim sections which is advised to be cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup of residue over time.

Seasoned Owners gives it a Good grade

The consumers hold the view that Tefal is a good product so they have a huge improvement over other models. There are consumers who are seasoned with this product and have given the best feedback that has helped the brand to keep up its market and also in some cases being called the best. We agree with the user views but there is a slight disagreement which is evident as in our top ten list but we still do appreciate and rate the product very highly.

It’s Not Just for Soup

While one tends to concentrate on the prowess of soup making of these machine in soup making but there are other aspects too which the machine is capable of doing which is not in our review.

The machine can be used for blending functions as is done in a normal blender, simply avoiding the blending functions. So it makes the machine to make smoothies or compotes which are a great boon for new mothers or babysitters to keep the child fed and happy with such food made at home.

It Doesn’t Sauté

There is always a point of downside in any product if one gives it a hard look. In this case, the machine does not saute which is its downside. If one is looking for a soup maker that also dose saute then our recommendation is Morphy Richards 501014 which is a good choice for this purpose.

However, if you wish to use Tefal, you can easily do so in a hob pan first. It may feel like that you are not getting enough from your soup maker but this process is not much of a hassle in the long run.

You may cook less

Sometimes we tend to overlook that not all want a huge batch of soup every day or every time they eat or feed. Now if you are alone or there is only one to have the soup you may get the soup maker half-filled and wonder if it works that way. However, the instruction books refer to the filling of the chamber but the consumers who have used it before has suggested that they have made lesser amounts with success.

We won’t advise that you run the programs far below the capacity but there are several reports to suggest that the machine has worked well and as desired with lesser quantity like 75% full. The lesser amount may give a thick output which can be diluted with stock or water, nevertheless where if one is not careful they may end up adding more or less water if one is not careful enough with the measurements of the ingredients.

The Soup Summery of Tefal BL841140

The product of Tefal BL841140 is a great soup maker but feels lacking due to the top ranking product like Morphy Richards 48822 which is in our other review.

However, having said that the model of Tefal is such that the users of the model have its own loyal following and the consumers using them are very connected with this product. Therefore, like many other products the choice of one may differ from another so it’s hard to take anything substantial away from it. Thus if there is a group that loves the smooth and creamy soup over the chunky and more substantial than the first is present similarly is the soup makers which vary with its outputs when compared.

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