VonShef 800W Soup Maker Review

Here is an in-depth review of the Von Shef 800W soup maker. This happens to be our favourite model among the budget kitchen appliances. Also, this product ranks quite well in the list of the best soup makers in the UK. Even though occasional or those who have just started cooking might find this very attractive, that does not indicate (in any way) that Von Shef delivers anything less. Simply keep reading to find out more about this product.

Many users have found this soup maker a bit inferior as compared to the Morphy Richards 48822. However, the fact is VonShef 800W costs less than Morphy Richards 48822 and so there are a few features that VonShef does not have. So, if you are looking to spend according to a standard budget, this would be the perfect pick for you.

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VonShef 800W Soup Maker Review

The aim of this page is to present a complete run down of what is good and what is not-so-good about this product. The review will be based on features along with opinions. Above all, a summary of the opinion of the buyers who are currently using it. Even though we have our opinion on this product, we are deeply concerned about what the customers are thinking. For that, there would be a separate section marked as ”Customer View” below. At the beginning of the review, let us check out the features of VonShef 800W Soup Maker.

Features of VonShef 800W Soup Maker

It has been said before already and we again repeat it, compared to others, soup makers have a short list of features. This does not imply that everything is included in them. The basic thumb rule is, you will get what you will be paying for. It is true that this jug soup maker is a low cost model. This does not mean that it lacks a lot of features. Not at all!

Not So Fast, Not So Slow

Compared to the performance of Tefal and Morphy Richards, the Von Shef 800W does not perform to that level. However, it offers a lot more than many other gadgets that cost higher than this. It just takes 25 minutes to go through quicker programs. As for the longer ones, it would take around half an hour at least. This does not go well against many of the rival brands. If you are price conscious and if you are able to bear a few extra minutes, the saving would be quite a justified one.

Whatever you want: Thick or Smooth

This happens to be among those universal features. Still, it is worth mentioning it. It just takes a simple pick of the preferred consistencies in order to choose the cooking program. That would be enough to figure out how much time the gadget takes. A few other options also exist and will be dealt with a bit later. However, the major soup preparation alternatives are clear and simple, either smooth or chunky.

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Blending of ingredients

The Von Shef 800W also acts as a blender. So, if you do not have a separate machine for blending, it is a great thing, isn’t it? It is interesting to note that many have opted for this soup maker in order to replace a blender that was about to stop working. Even though it offers dual function, it is not that expensive.

Drinks as well as liquids

Apart from blending, it is worth noting that this soup maker can be used to prepare juices, cocktails along with smoothies. It can be further utilized to liquidize ingredients for the preparation of various types of delicious sauces. Whether you want them thick or runny is entirely up to you.

It Keeps Food Warm

Von Shef 800W does an excellent job of keeping the soup warm post completion of heating. Usually, it would stay warm up to an hour and up to an hour and a half before the temperature starts decreasing below the minimum level. Ideally, the time should coincide with the meal time. However, it is a good thing that a sudden phone call or a visit by someone will not ruin will not put the effort or the ingredients used to an end.

The Shef is designed to prepare soups. So, if you want to use meat it should be cooked prior placing everything in the maker. If the meat does not get the right temperature, there would be a risk of food poisoning. Usually, soup makers do not have the provision to cook meat unless exclusively specified.

Safety Aspects

It is a good thing if electrical appliance manufacturers take the right precautions against what might go wrong. In this case, too, there are safety measures built into the gadget that prevents the soup from getting dry. The detection of the reverse is also possible, that is if the liquid poured in the machine is excess. After all, the spillover of boiling soup is something that nobody wants. First, it will completely ruin the soup. Second, it would be a big mess. Lastly, if the overflow happens while holding the gadget, it could lead to a bad burn.

The Customer View

This is the section we had mentioned above. We would now be moving to the opinion of the people. The views are not ours. It is the view of the people on Von Shef 800W. We may add just a few points so that the explanation is a complete one. We have simply summarized all the views and rounded them up in a condensed form. Continue reading to check what customers have said about this soup maker.

Gives Good Volume

This product has become a hit among those who live alone, are a couple or have a small family. Such customers mentioned about preparing large volumes and then refrigerating them to consume later. The only precaution needed is not to use ingredients that have been frozen. There might be a possibility of food poisoning.

The Timer Plug

A useful feature of this machine is the timer plug. It activates the machine at a pre-defined time. This allows the soup to be cooked just at the time when you want it. As a precaution, we would advise you not to go for this option while you are away.

Enjoy The Smooth Creamy Soup

The Von Shef soup maker owners have shown considerable love for the smooth soups. They simply adore the silky smooth preparation.


This is not a positive one. However, we found it important to share. Many users are not at all happy with the difficulty they faced while cleaning this equipment. It is far more sticky than the Tefal BL841140 and the Morphy Richards 48822. A lot depends on the ingredients being used too. Cheese is a substance that literally needs to be chiseled off at the time of cleaning.

No Countdown

It is not possible to have everything from a low budget machine. This equipment does not have a digital countdown up to the moment the soup is ready. So, if you are looking for such a facility, the VonShef is not going to offer you that. However, it does have a sound alert. If you can listen out for it, it would mean something.

Soup Summary

In simple words, Von Shef 800W is a great product unless you have an obsession for the best of the best soup maker available in the market. Definitely, you will be getting a lot more if you can reach out to the Morphy Richards 48822. However, you will have to compare the process as well. Going by the MRP, this is indeed an impressive product. Hence, if you feel this is the right stuff for you, why not check out how much it costs now.

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